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  • Where is the studio based?
    All of our sessions are held in a professional recording studio in Camden, London.
  • Is there a deposit required?
    No deposit is required prior to booking. The full payment will need to be made on the day of your session.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    We suggest booking at least 2 months in advance to get maximum availability.
  • Whats included in the Vocal Reel package?
    The Vocal Reel package includes recording 4 tracks (2 in full under 4 minutes each and 2 snippets under 1 min each). We will then merge the best bits into your Vocal Reel along with picking one clip to record as a filmed video too!
  • Who will be taking my session?
    All sessions are held by Mitch Jarvis or Elliott Green both who have been recording Vocal Reels since 2011
  • What do I need to do before my session?
    You will need to ensure you have got all four of your songs prepared along with backing tracks for each one. Make sure you know each track inside and out so you are fully prepped and ready for the session.
  • How many times will I get to record each track?
    We will ensure lots of takes are recorded and we will pick the best bits together to ensure you sound your absolute best for the reel. There will be plenty of time we promise!
  • Do they need to be piano tracks?
    No, the tracks can be either instrumental piano recordings or full orchestra tracks. Both work really nice, check out the recent reels to hear different options.
  • What should I wear on the day?
    Dress as if you are going to an audition. You want to look incredible, especially for the filmed clip. Wear a bright top but nothing with too much going on. Something simple but bright. Try to avoid plain black as it gets a little lost.
  • Do I need to know my songs off by heart?
    Whilst you are more than welcome to have your lyrics in front of you we’d recommend know thing them off by heart to ensure you know them inside out - that way you won’t have to street on the day!
  • What songs should I sing?
    We always suggest getting a mix of legit musical theatre, Pop/Rock, Contemporary MT and a character piece in your reel. That being said if you are never going to perform pop/rock professionaly then don’t force yourself to do it. Do what is going to show you off.
  • Where can I get backing tracks from?
    Do talk to us first – it’s very likely that we’ve got exactly what you want. If not we’ve partnered with and if you use the code SINGINGDEMOS at checkout, you will receive 25% off.
  • How do I send you my backing tracks?
    Please send us your tracks via email or using We Transfer
  • What format do my tracks need to be in?
    MP3 is best if you have them in another format it is usually fine, just send us an email
  • How long after the session will I receive my tracks?
    Normally reels will be sent out within 72 hours of your session, this allows us to fully edit your reels and ensure they are of the highest standard.
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